Past Events

Phononics 2015

3rd International Conference on Phononic Crystals/Metamaterials, Phonon Transport and Phonon Coupling

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ASME 2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference

Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials and Phononic Crystals (McMAT2015)

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The ASME 2015 conference will be held this summer from June 29 to July 1, 2015 in Seattle, Washington. Get more details.     

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Lecture Series, University of Arizona

What: Informal lecture series by P.A. Deymier on "Changing the Way We Understand Phonons"
Time: Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 2-4 PM (thereafter held every 4 subsequent Wednesdays at the same time)
Location: Mines and Metallurgy Building, Room 15
Lecture 1: Introduction to Phonons
Lecture 2: Scattering (Bragg and resonant scattering)
Lecture 3: Fermion-like Behavior of Phonons
Lecture 4: Topology of Phonons
Lecture 5: Hybridization of Phonons and Other Types of Waves (electrons, magnons, etc.)   

Metamaterials in the News

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