Technological Benefits

Imagine a future world where society realizes the full benefits of sound waves and phonons—sound’s quasiparticle counterpart. A world where millions live quietly in large cities; where personalized sound therapy accelerates healing from physical trauma; where non-invasive deep brain sound stimulation treats neurological disorders; where waste heat is recycled into useful energy; and where compact devices process sound-encoded information in parallel. A New Frontiers of Sound (NewFoS) is creating a new science of sound to accelerate technological advances that lead us to this future vision.

Technological and societal challenges to be addressed by NewFoS: (A) Sound levels in cities will continue to negatively impact populations along transportation corridors [9] unless viable solutions are found; (B) Sound-based therapies such as the ultrasound acceleration of bone fracture healing are still at an empirical stage; (C) Heat loss in engineered systems is one of the greatest challenges for technological societies; and (D) Progress in wireless, information and communication technologies is needed beyond existing acoustic wave devices, and variations thereupon, based on 1960-70’s technologies that are plagued by loss [10-12].

The current understanding of sound is rooted in a 300-year scientific history. New ways of looking at sound have received minor attention and require a paradigm shift for this major scientific revolution—analogous to classical vs. quantum mechanics, or Newtonian gravitation vs. general relativity. Sound waves and phonons require a supporting medium for propagation. This makes them extremely complex and prone to losses: the two long-standing technological obstacles that have prevented the human race from realizing the full beneficial uses of sound waves and phonons. To overcome these obstacles, NewFoS is creating a new science of sound, grounded in the universal principles of symmetry breaking and interactions, by shifting paradigms to a framework of localized and geometrically entangled sound waves. The paradigm-changing scientific foundations laid by NewFoS  maximize the positive impacts of sound waves and phonons on society through breakthroughs such as:

  1. Improved public health by mitigating the effects of noise in urban and industrial environments. Learn more about how NewFoS could benefit public health.
  2. Enriched individual health from revolutionary sound-based precision diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Learn more about how NewFoS could benefit health.
  3. Suppressed heat loss for efficient energy production and use. Learn more about how NewFos could benefit energy.
  4. Innovative phonon computing or highly nonlinear signal processing devices to enhance human–machine communication. A new science of sound is the grand challenge to achieve the inherent, unexplored potential of sound waves and phonons for the benefit of society. Learn more about how NewFoS could benefit communications.