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Imagine a future world where society realizes the full benefits of sound waves and phonons—sound’s quasiparticle counterpart. A world where millions live quietly in large cities; where personalized sound therapy accelerates healing from physical trauma; where non-invasive deep brain sound stimulation treats neurological disorders; where waste heat is recycled into useful energy; and where compact devices process sound-encoded information in parallel. A New Frontiers of Sound (NewFoS) is creating a new science of sound to accelerate technological advances that lead us to this future vision.

News & Announcements

NewFos faculty in the news; Read the article from Physics Today.

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NewFos, through the International Phononics Society is supporting the International Commission for Acoustics proposal to Unesco for approval for the International Year of Sound (IYS) in 2019. The application has to be approved by UNESCO and is in preparation.  Please enter the competition for a year of sound logo for use on ICA submissions.

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Science of Sound

New Frontiers of Sound (NewFoS) aims to accelerate technological advances that lead us to a future full of new benefits.

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An innovative approach to science education and mentoring pipelines intimately tied to our paradigm-changing sound research activities.

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Knowledge Transfer

A new science of sound and a sound education offer unique opportunities for knowledge transfer.

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