Department of Materials Science and Engineering Lecture Series, University of Arizona

What: Informal lecture series by P.A. Deymier on "Interaction of Phonons with other types of waves"
Time: Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, 2-4 PM (thereafter held every 4 subsequent Wednesdays at the same time)
Location: Harshbarger, Room 335
Lecture 1:  Phonon – phonon interactions
Lecture 2: Phonon-photon interactions
Lecture 3: Phonon-magnon interactions
Lecture 4: Phonons and biological waves

Phononics 2019 International Conference

Phononics 2019Since 2011, the biannual international conference “Phononics” is the premiere forum for the sound and phonon communities and previously held in Santa Fe, NM, Sharm-el-Sheikh (Egypt) and Paris (France). Phononics 2017 will be in Changsha, China. NewFoS faculty Deymier, Bertoldi and Boechler have been selected by the Board Members of the International Phononics Society to chair and co-chair the Phononics 2019 international conference in Tucson, AZ.